SHUL SHARE LA  is the brain child of Mrs. Lisa Elefant, a very successful Shadchan from Brooklyn.  Project Share is an acronym for Shuls Helping Anyone Reach Everyone. With her permission, we in Los Angeles have updated the web site with features such as filtering, pictures, individual representative accounts, and a messaging option. The website can also be accessed from a mobile phone with internet capabilities.

The new web site for L.A. will have a database including every participating Orthodox shul in all areas of Los Angeles. As the database increases, the better our chances will be for making local shidduchim.  As soon as we establish the database here in LA, other cities in the US will be able to replicate our website and then will be able to link into our database and vice versa.  We encourage all singles to sign up as soon as possible. Representatives can also enter profiles into the database. All participating shuls will notify their Shul members who their representatives are. If you’d like to become a representative please contact the Rebbetzin of your Shul.

For more information please email info@shulsharela.com